Course Ratings

The BGA is licensed by the United States Golf Association to issue Course and Slope Ratings in Bermuda. The BGA, in conjunction with the Metropolitan Golf Association, re-rates golf courses approximately every five years, even if they have not changed in any way, to comply with the USGA’s 10-year requirement. The BGA also re-rates courses after significant course renovations are performed. Newly constructed courses are rated every three years for a period of nine years. There is no charge to BGA member clubs to for the course rating service.

The BGA Course Rating Teams are made up of trained volunteers throughout the Island of Bermuda. When rating a golf course, the course rating team evaluates each hole using the USGA Course Rating System. The team evaluates a series of obstacle factors (Topography, Fairway, Green Target, Recoverability and Rough, Bunkers, Out of Bounds/Extreme Rough, Water Hazards, Trees and Green Surface) and effective playing length factors (Roll, Elevation, Dogleg/Forced Lay Up, Prevailing Wind an Altitude) and records a numerical evaluation for each which is used to calculate the rating. After rating, members of the team will play the golf course to gain greater insight, from a playing perspective, and to clarify any doubts or questions that may arise on specific holes or shots.

Following the rating, the data is entered into the USGA Course Rating Program to generate preliminary Course and Slope Ratings. These preliminary figures are then sent to the BGA Course Rating Committee for approval. Once approved by the committee, the Official Course and Slope Ratings are sent to the club. The latest rating were conducted in April 2015 and came in to effect on 1st September, 2015.


Course Rating National Database
To find course rating information for any course in Bermuda click on the following link and enter the name of the course.  Note: Select ‘BM’ under Club State to display all Bermuda courses.

Course Rating National Database


Course Rating Certificates – effective 1st September, 2015

Belmont Hills Golf Club

Mid Ocean Club

Ocean View Golf Course

Port Royal Golf Course

Tucker’s Point Club

Turtle Hill Course Rating 2024 (This rating will come into effect on 16th January 2024)