Somerset vs St. George’s in golf?

Not quite, but the Romay Trophy will pit the east against the west in August

Eric (Hav) Trott

Many years ago, when the moon was larger and putts fell with more regularity, there was the Romay Trophy, an inter-parish golf tournament that was fiercely contested for the bragging rights of which parish had the strongest golf team.

Regrettably, and I put it down to the smaller moon, the Romay Trophy ceased to be and the result was that there was no longer an inter-parish golf tournament.

Fortunately, all of that is about to change.

The Romay Trophy is about to be resurrected in a new and improved format for the members of the Bermuda Golf Association to compete once again for bragging rights. Frankly, it is way overdue.

Here’s a brief overview of what is currently emerging from the ashes. The Romay Trophy will be played at Port Royal in early August and will be played along the lines of Cup Match.

There will be a team from the East and one from the West, complete with team captains and appropriate colours.

Both teams will comprise around 36 players, consisting of ladies, juniors and men selected from across a broad range of handicaps.

The format will be the 20 point two-ball better-ball system, where two players from the East will play against two players from the West, for 20 points. The points from each two-ball partnership will be added up and the team with the most points will be declared the winning team.

Two of Bermuda’s best amateurs have been lined up as team captains, and a friendly rivalry has already begun. However, according to the experts, the West may be the underdog team, and it will be interesting to see who sharpens up their tools for this interesting contest. No disrespect is meant to the team from the West, but according to the Owl, a few dollars placed on the team from the East would likely earn you some strong dividends.

The entry fee for the New Romay is expected to be around $100. More details are available in this month’s BGA Newsletter, sent on June 1 to your email address. If you are not currently receiving your monthly Newsletter, give Scott Roy a call on 295-9972 and he will be pleased to assist you.

Alongside the Romay Trophy will be the Bermuda Cup, a Ryder Cup style match of 12 top amateurs competing against 12 local professionals for one point per match. To win the Bermuda Cup, six and a half points will be required and I am predicting a resounding victory by the team of twelve amateurs.

If memory serves me well, a few years ago, Zane DeSilva sponsored a similar event that he called the Bryder Cup, however, like the old Romay, that event unfortunately did not last. Going forward, the intention is for the Bermuda Cup and the Romay Trophy to be annual events.

Those who would like to play in the New Romay can register their interest through the Bermuda Golf Association