Mission Statement

Our Mission:

  • To grow participation and passion for the sport while upholding the integrity and traditions of the game

Our Vision:

  • Seek to maximize the number of participants in golf at all levels in Bermuda
  • Provide opportunities for all participants to reach their potential within the game
  • Represent the interests of the Bermuda golf community nationally and internationally
  • Work to preserve the traditions and integrity of the game of golf
  • Educate residents of Bermuda on the role that golf plays toward the common good and general welfare of the people of Bermuda
  • Communicate the physical, mental and social benefits that golf affords to participants of all ages, genders and ability levels
  • Promote Bermuda as a top quality golf destination with the intent of maximizing revenues of member golf courses
  • Preserve the fair and equitable nature of the game through the maintenance of rules and regulations of play and a system of handicapping and course rating, in accordance with USGA and R&A guidelines.
  • Ensure that national championships are offered for the golfers of Bermuda and that they are done so in accordance with the policies of the BGA and R&A.

What We Value:

  • The relevance of our association to our members and others we serve
  • The dedication of our volunteers, the commitment of our officials, and the diligence of our athletes in the pursuit of individual and collective excellence
  • The development of the sport of golf through cooperation, leadership, volunteerism and education
  • The responsibility and openness of our association through being accountable and accessible to our member clubs and their members, and flexible and responsive to identified needs
  • Honesty, integrity, and a sense of fair play as inherent attributes in the sport of golf and the cornerstone upon which all tasks and activities of the association are completed
  • Golf as the a game with opportunities for individuals of all ages, gender, ability, and social standing
  • The role that golf plays within the amateur sporting community and within the career sport community

Who We Are:

  • National Governing Body of the Sport
  • Keepers of the game

Who We Are Not:

  • R&A/USGA

What We Do:

  • Foster and promote the game of golf at all levels
  • Preserve the tradition and history of the game
  • Act as a liaison between all member clubs and the R&A/USGA
  • Administer the game of golf through handicap procedures, slope and index rating, rules interpretation and assistance
  • Provide opportunities for our members to interact through golfing and non-golfing activities

Who We Serve:

  • Golfing Public
  • Individual Members
  • Member Clubs
  • Golf Industry (including golf-related industries such as tourism)